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Welcome to the Intelligent Systems Group (ISG). We are looking forward to working with you, regardless of whether you are a Bachelor’s or Master’s student, Ph.D. student, PostDoc, visiting researcher, software engineer, entrepreneur, or intern.

To see our project ideas for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, to access our main Wiki (Confluence) in full, and to see our Ticket System 'JIRA’, you need an Atlassian Account.

If you have already an Atlassian account, continue with step 5 (do not register multiple accounts to access our Wiki).

  1. Go to the registration start page:

    1. Use the 'traditional' sign-up (enter your email, name, and desired password), and do NOT use the Google, Microsoft, or Apple login. 

    2. Use your full real name -- no nickname or pseudonym. 

  2. Wait for the confirmation email to arrive (this may take up to half an hour)

  3. Click the verification link in the email….

  4. … and you might get some error message. Anyway, your registration for Atlassian was successful (you do not need to request any permissions).

  5. Once you have your Atlassian account, visit the Atlassian start page of our group

  6. Click the “Join button” and follow the instructions.

  7. If you are a…

    1. …student, interested in our project ideas for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, visit

    2. …new member of the group, visit our main Wiki and continue with the first steps.


If you experience any problems, please let us know!